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PuppySwap - A New Kind Of Dog Trading Website PuppySwap - A New Kind Of Dog Trading Website

Having a small, cuddly ball of fur that is always cute, playful and full of love is an awesome thing, so very few things are better than having your very own puppy. However, what do you do when the dog grows up, occupies more space, leaves hair all over the house and is no longer as sweet as when it was just a baby? A very simple solution would be to trade it in for a younger model, or maybe try a different breed. PuppySwap is a website specially created for those who want to exchange their dogs.

I know this idea will appall a lot of people and if you're one of them, you don't need to visit the site. PuppySwap is a website designed by the Toronto Humane Society as part of a responsibility campaign against pet abandonment. In case you are wondering if this was really necessary, the answer is: yes, it was. Each year thousands of dogs end up in the shelter because their owners just weren't in it for the long haul, so hopefully this initiative can convince you to either keep your furry little friend or simply not to get one if you'll just abandon it later.

The website itself is really well thought out and it keeps you believing it's legitimate for a long time. The page provides data about how the process works, promises low monthly rates, shows you pictures of different puppies, ranks breeds based on cuteness or current trend and even has an awesomely produced ad video that will probably hook a lot of people. However, once you click on sign up button (it will nag you from time to time while browsing the website), you get to see the true message: "PuppySwap isn't real. Unfortunately, pet abandonment is. Over 180,000 animals enter Canadian shelters each year. 40% will never leave. Spread the word -- pet ownership is for life."

Hopefully, this clever campaign will reach its goals and make more people think twice about dog abandonment.