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Once Our Life Experience May Change Once Our Life Experience May Change

CES 2015 brought to light an interesting invention based on electronic ink technology: color self-changing wallpapers by EInk Holdings.

The E Ink Prizm, this is how one tile is called, is fully programmable in terms of colors and patterns. It is flexible, leading to more opportunities for integration and application. The most important peculiarity of the invention is the low power consumption as it uses energy only for the color change just like the e-ink displays we are all accustomed to in electronic readers. A wall, made of E Ink Prizms, looks like a painted one, as the technology uses the same pigments as the printing industry.

This technology is in the first place aimed at building owners who can afford to buy big installations for stores, lobbies, and offices. Thus, this technology is more likely to appear in common places, company offices, or parks than in our houses. Nevertheless, there is a chance that one day, when the technology becomes cheaper, we will be able to change the way our rooms look like with a single click or clap, as E Ink Prizm can react to sounds, movements, and other similar ways of interaction with surroundings.