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Shoes that Grow with your Foot Are Now a Reality

There are situations in which simply giving someone what he or she currently needs is not enough to solve the problem. In certain countries, the things that we usually take for granted are much more difficult than you can imagine. Take shoes for example: there are a lot of kids in Africa who are forced to go barefoot because they can't afford buying any footwear. Simple solution: take the shoes that your kid no longer uses and donate them to the kid in need and problem solved, right? Wrong. Kids are constantly growing up and in just a few months he or she will be right back where it all started.

The Shoe that GrowsThe Shoe that Grows

Fortunately, a non-profit organization called Because International has found a more practical solution for this problem: the shoes that can grow. Because of their innovative build, these shoes can expand in the right places, thus being able to grow up to five numbers. The footwear's sole is made out of the compressed rubber, while the rest is an ensemble of buckles, snaps, and buttons which allow the shoe to become wider, taller and longer (as you can notice from the image to the right). Being totally honest, the idea seems to be so simple that you wonder how comes no one has ever thought of it before.

Being a non-profit organization, Because International relies on donations to be able to mass-produce and distribute these shoes. If you want to find out more about this idea or contribute to the campaign, you can do so by clicking on this link.