Spell Up With Chrome Spell Up With Chrome

Making use of Web Speech API may be quite 'handy' when you are busy or just feeling lazy. Now Google makes it also very useful for those who want to study English or have difficulties with pronunciation.

There is a chance Batman would've hit Google in the face, because Spell Up is an application in which you need to build a word tower, correctly enunciating the words you hear. The app includes a variety of tasks ranging from simple 'repeat-after-me' to tricky riddles and word-jumbles. The higher you get, the more difficult word challenges you face. To test the strongest muscle of your body, you will need to have the Chrome browser installed on your PC or Android device. Apple enthusiasts also have a chance to try the app, although they'll have to use their fingers instead of the voice.

Those studying the language will be able to improve their pronunciation skills, and native speakers will get a nice opportunity to show off their posh accents they never use in real life. Google also encourages teachers to use the app at school. So if you want to have a pleasant and entertaining experience learning English, follow the link and give Spell Up a try!