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Tired of Receiving Work Emails at Home? Here's the Answer Tired of Receiving Work Emails at Home? Here's the Answer

Usually, when I leave the office, I turn off email notifications on my phone and simply refuse to open my e-mail unless I absolutely have to. There was a time when I had a private e-mail address, separated from the one that I use at work, but the two somehow got mixed up, and I can no longer rely on any of them not to have work-related content. Enforced Vacation is a new app that provides you with a better solution for keeping your work e-mails away from you in your free time.

Developed by Windward Studios, Enforced Vacation is an app that can stop all the work related e-mails from reaching you. Basically, you just have to provide the time frame when you shouldn't be bothered with anything work related, and the application will stop work e-mails for that specific time frame. To ensure that you don't miss out on anything really important, you can create exceptions for certain usernames or subjects. Furthermore, you can set up a special keyword that, if found in an e-mail, will make the message pass through  the filtering system. Just make sure you don't share it with people you don't want to hear from when you're not at work.

The way it works can be described pretty easily. On IMAP, the app goes between the server and your e-mail address client, filtering the content that you receive. The e-mail server will be tricked into believing that the application is the actual client, while your e-mail address will believe that Enforced Vacation is the server. (You will have to make the necessary settings on your e-mail client tool). On Exchange servers, the app creates a TransportAgent which filters the e-mails that each individual user receives.

Users who are curious about how well Enforced Vacation would work for them can try the app free of any charge for a month. After that, your piece of mind will set you back $1/month.