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Twitch Banns Games Rated Adult Only Twitch Banns Games Rated Adult Only

It seems that the US Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has seriously put its mind to game streaming. Earlier today, Twitch updated the rules of conduct and restricted the streaming of Adult Only-rated games in order to “create a safe, welcoming, inclusive community platform where everyone can feel comfortable and have fun”.

Previously, Twitch board decided whether a game is suitable or not through reviewing each title. This was exactly the case when Manhunt 2 and Farenheit: Indigo Prophecy: Director's Cut were banned for broadcasting. Both games were rated by ESRB as Adults Only. Now, however, if the game receives the AO rating, it instantly becomes not welcomed on the platform.

Geralt is happyGeralt is happy

But the situation is not that scary as it may seem. First of all, there are only 26 Adult Only games on the list (including the uncensored version of GTA: San Andreas) and you can still broadcast all the games rated M (Mature). Secondly, the restriction concerns only ESRB; other rating systems (like European PEGI) are not being taken into account. Hopefully, Twitch is not going to tighten its policy in the nearest future, so fans of the Witcher, rejoice.

Source: Twitch Blog