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Twitter Hardens its Anti-abuse Policies Twitter Hardens its Anti-abuse Policies

Twitter is continuing the battle with its inner demons. That special kind of people who have nothing better to do than to troll, harass, and abuse others from behind the screens of their computers will now be under more scrutiny from the company. The microblogging network just announced that it has decided to change its policy and will now ban all tweets that promote violence, not just the ones who implied direct, specific threats. The company's official announcement regarding this change in policy stated that its previous view on the matter was "unduly narrow" and did not allow the social network to deal with threats accordingly.

Furthermore, Twitter has also decided to make the punishments for such offenses more severe. Once a person is found guilty of abusing another user, in the best case scenario he or she will be forced by the company to delete the offensive posts (he / she will be unable to use the account until the tweet is taken down). In more drastic cases, trolls may get locked out of their accounts for various periods, according to the gravity of their offense.

Even though it's easy for everyone to see that Twitter is actually putting in a lot of effort in its attempt to stop the trolling and abuse, we must admit that the company has to face a very tough challenge. With approximately 250 million users who log in each day, it's pretty hard to keep up with all the complaints received. Furthermore, there are some who make mountains out of molehills, making things even more difficult than they're supposed to be.

For more details you can read Twitter's entire blog post by clicking on this link.

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