Make iOS 10 run better on older iPhones Make iOS 10 run better on older iPhones

Getting the latest version of iOS is always important not only because it brings a wealth of new features, but also because it adds major security upgrades. However, if you are using an older phone model, iOS 10 may not run as smoothly as you want it to. If buying a new device isn't one of your priorities, here you will find simple solutions to make iOS 10 run better on your older iPhone.

Disable automatic downloads

To make your life easier, iOS 10 runs in the background and checks which of your installed apps have newer versions available and automatically downloads these updates. This may be very convenient, but it takes its toll on the overall performance of your device. To disable the feature, simply open your Settings menu, then go to iTunes & App Store and look for a slider named Updates in the Automatic Downloads category. Set it to the Off position and you're done.

Kill transparency and motion effects

Transparency and motion effects make the user interface look very pretty, but that's not going to matter if your phone takes a whole bunch of time to do what you need. Reducing transparency and motion effects will go a long way towards helping iOS 10 run better on your device. To do this, open your Settings menu, go to the Accessibility and put the toggle named Reduce Motion in the On position. Next, select the Increase Contrast option and turn the switch named Reduce Transparency to On.

Stop the background app refresh

The Background App Refresh feature allows apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to automatically check for newer content (like posts from friends) even when the applications aren't launched. To be honest, this is quite useful, especially if you spend a lot of time on social networks. However, disabling this function will contribute much to making iOS 10 run faster on your device. To disable this feature, go to Settings,  then tap General and turn off Background App Refresh.

Organize selective location checking

Nowadays, most of the apps that you install on your phone are able to check your location for various purposes, but this can make the operating system run slower on old devices and drain your battery. I recommend keeping a close eye on the apps that are allowed to check your location and only allow this feature for applications where it's actually useful for you. Just open your Settings, go to the Privacy section, then tap Location Service and turn the Share My Location Off for the apps that don't actually need it.

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