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Want to get pregnant? This smart bracelet shows when to try

If you're a woman who's trying to find out when the best time to try to get pregnant is, Ava is a smart bracelet which could most likely help you out. This health tracking wearable bracelet measures the level of hormones in your body plus a bunch of other data and then predicts in which days you are most likely to conceive. At the moment, the product is only available for pre-ordering and will start shipping out mid-2016. The downside is that it might be a bit expensive as purchasing it will take $245 out of your pocket.


In case you want to know how it works, it's something like this: the soon-to-be mother wears the bracelet in her sleep so that it can analyze hormonal changes in her body and then the data, along with a prediction of her most fertile days, will be sent to the app. Unfortunately, I don't have too much information about the technology behind this product as its creators chose not to fully disclose it yet, but from what I've read the device collects about 3 million data points from 10 different sensors in order to achieve maximum accuracy. What I can tell you is that Ava will work with both Android smartphones and iPhones. The apps aren't yet available on either of the stores, but they will be by the time the first product shipped out. Another downside is that in order to use the app you will also need to purchase a subscription which will cost $5 / month.

For more details about Ava or to pre-order the bracelet, click on this link.