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Attempt to Stop Distracted Driving Attempt to Stop Distracted Driving

We all know that it's not right to use a smartphone at the wheel, we all see billboards on the road and blocks of commercials on TV which warn us to be careful while driving and keep attention on the traffic. But, nevertheless, sociologists have a lot of work for their researches in this field. Their latest study (as part of its "It Can Wait" campaign) shows that things are even worse than just sending short messages in the moving car.

AT&T and Braun Research team elicited the fact that 70% of American drivers busy themselves with some smartphone activity. It's interesting that besides 62% of those who usually text and 32% of those who send e-mails, there are drivers who constantly check their Facebook and Twitter accounts (30% and 14% respectively). But in my opinion, the winners are as many as 28% of antipedestrians, who simply surf the Internet while driving. They share the winners' podium with selfie/camera- lovers (17%).

More than 2, 000 US participants aged from 18 to 65 took part in this opinion poll, the intention of which was to stop distracted driving which causes a lot of crashes every year. The reason why drivers' eyes are always looking into the screen is too primitive: it's a habit, and they are afraid to miss something new and interesting (not even important). I hope the goal of the research will be reached and drivers will think better of their on-road behavior.



Yes, all of it can really wait! Smile

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