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Facebook Improving Its News Feed Control Facebook Improving Its News Feed Control

If you feel that certain people's posts needlessly occupy too much space in your News Feed, but you don't want to disconnect from them completely, Facebook offers a great solution. Now, you can opt to see less posts from any user, so that you have more room for the posts that you are actually interested in, while also being somewhat aware of the latest changes in your friends' lives.

Facebook is constantly trying to improve the content that you see without making you look like a total jerk for unfriending people in your list. Until now, the only option you had to avoid people's annoying feeds without removing them completely from your friends' list was to block their posts completely. The freshly launched controls will allow you to trim down the number of posts from specific users that make it to your News Feed.

The hiding feature in the News Feed allows you to make certain posts completely vanish (by choosing the I don't want to see this option). After banishing a post, you can instruct the network to show you less content coming from that specific friend. Furthermore, you now also have a very quick option for unfollowing anyone who you no longer want to hear from (Refollowing them is just as easy, so there's no need to worry.) Lastly, the News Feed now displays statistics about whose posts appear the most and allows you to prioritize the feeds you see based on the person that they are coming from.

While I really respect Facebook's efforts to give its users a great social networking experience, I can't help but wonder if it wouldn't be easier to ask people exactly what they want, like they do with their advertising.