Facebook Wants to Host News Facebook Wants to Host News

Facebook is reportedly looking forward to an even wider expansion, as the company is said to be reaching out to various news organizations in order to secure a deal that will open a gateway for direct content hosting on Facebook. There are six news organizations that are reportedly on the list at the moment; these include The New York Times, National Geographic and The Huffington Post.

The question is: why does Facebook want to host the content of the news agencies? There might be lots of reasons, however, the official one is that it takes too long for the users of Facebook mobile app to load a website. Direct hosting will allow to save the time users spend to load the official website to read the piece of news they want and if the deal is sealed, there will be no need to do so, as all the articles will appear directly in your news feed. This will allow users to save a couple of clicks and some traffic, wasted on various ads that often appear before you are allowed to read an article.

We do not know yet if any of the above-mentioned companies agreed to the conditions of the deal. And it is quite possible that the offer will be turned down, as this will result in the news websites losing visitors.


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Hopefully FB will filter out reporting agencies that distort and/or fabricate reality.

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