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Firefox will soon 'borrow' some of Tor's privacy features Firefox will soon 'borrow' some of Tor's privacy features

For those of you who don't know this yet, TOR, the safest browser in the world, is based on Mozilla's Firefox as the company offers an open-source version of the web browser to help others create their own products. However, the tables have been turned, and Mozilla is implementing some of TOR's security features into Firefox. At the moment, these are only available on the Nightly edition, but they should soon arrive to the mainstream version as well.

One of the most effective ways of identifying someone on the Internet is a method called fingerprinting. Basically, agencies, advertisers and even crook use data collecting kits to gather a series of markers such as WebGL details, timezone settings, supercookies, screen size, color depth, HTML5 canvas details, etc. that will create a unique identifier when put together. This information can be collected even if you're using VPNs, proxies or other protection measures and will help identify you as soon as you ditch your security for a regular browsing session. In order to counteract this issue, Mozilla is introducing some of TOR's anti-fingerprinting features into Firefox 50.

Firefox already has some anti-fingerprinting protection and if you want to enable it, you need to open a new tab, type about:config in the address bar and confirm that "You'll be careful". Next, right click on the new page that opens, go to New and select Boolean. Lastly, type "privacy.resistFingerprinting" (without quotes), choose True as value and you're done.