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Google Widen Email Creation Possibilities

We all got used to the fact that email address should contain Latin characters without any alternatives, which greatly limits the ideas for user names. Now the time came when these frontiers widen. Google start to use the new email standard created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) organization. This innovation allows for non-Latin and accented Latin characters to be supported.

The standard was developed back in 2012, but was not used till now. It is not that easy to launch, as Pedro Chaparro Monferrer says: “That's obviously a tough hill to climb”. This happens due to the necessity to implement the technology by every email provider and by all websites that ask for the address. This is an enormous amount of work to be done and Google are taking the first step.

At the moment, only Gmail is taught to recognize the non-Latin and accented characters. Shortly, Calendar will be able to accept them too.

The use of this technology is a huge leap forward to create a global email service which would have no barriers in terms of languages.