Party Ahead! Let's Plan It! Party Ahead! Let's Plan It!

There are plenty of events during the year when we can throw a party. Some of them are international, others are celebrated by the whole country, the rest are of a more intimate family character.

No matter the importance of the holiday, planning is always a tiresome task. Nevertheless, there are tools that can help make it all a bit simpler to handle.

First of all, as Gmail is one of the most popular email services, it can be your best helper. If your guests have Gmail accounts, Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the easiest way to keep in touch with them and to inform them quickly of any changes in the schedule or plans, as they all have access to any document you share. You can mark the date in the Calendar (timing included), create instructions and detailed plan files in Docs and Sheets, or make and share colorful slides with all the info your guests should have in order to be ready for the party.

Second, you can use daily planners to organize the process. Desktop Calendar and Planner is a good example of such utilities. It may be the right choice if you run parties quite often. Sadly, you have to pay for the full version, but the program deserves to be tried. It allows you to work with calendar, browse the web, and access emails directly from the interface. Reminders, notes, and to-do lists will help a lot with timing your tasks and keeping track of what is yet to be done.

Desktop Calendar and Planner Main WindowDesktop Calendar and Planner Main Window

Don't get upset if you do not want to spend money on a planner. There are several freeware variants, that may be useful too. Have a look at esyPlanner and Handy Dandy Planner. These provide you time management and organization tools at no cost. Be ready for the fact that they will have a simpler functionality than the shareware one mentioned above. Still, they can make your party planning routine a bit easier to handle.

Summing up, if you and your friends actively use Gmail, it is the best choice for you as it provides you with everything you need to plan your party and to inform your guests about any changes in seconds. The other options are good if you prefer a more Internet independant tool.

Plan your parties beforehand and have fun!