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Google will soon improve its medical diagnosis capabilities

Nowadays, there are tons of medical apps that we can use to check our pulse, or find out what our general health condition is, so it's not that much of surprise that people are starting to trust their devices and the Internet more than actual doctors. Since the Internet is filled with all kinds of misleading information and there are times when the data that you're searching for is hard to come by, Google has decided to step in and started working with actual doctors.

This means that soon enough Google's app for mobile devices will be able to correctly diagnose you if you input your symptoms correctly. Basically, all you will have to do is to search for terms like headache in the left side or acute elbow pain and Google will provide you with a list of conditions that fit your symptoms. Each of the conditions can be viewed as a card separately so that the user can find out more about the problem as well as about possible treatment options. However, you should remember that even though the IT giant used doctors from the Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic to compile these results, this new feature is just for informative purposes and you should still go see your doctor.

According to Google's blog post announcement, this new feature will start rolling out in a few days, but for the moment, it will only be available in English and just for the US. The company stated that it plans to expand this functionality by adding more symptoms and languages, but didn't give any specific details about when this is going to happen.