goTenna Will Help You Out goTenna Will Help You Out

Imagine yourself lost in the woods, not knowing where your group went and having no mobile network signal; does a feel of panic come up your throat? I bet anyone will be at least nervous in such a situation. Sometimes we are left without connection due to natural disasters, sometimes we just get too far, so our gadgets do not receive the signal. It seems that nothing can be done to access calls or messages.

However, goTenna developers found a way out for us. They created a device that will allow communication with no cell towers, no Wi-Fi, and no satellites available in the area. Surprisingly, it can work even in “Airplane Mode”. The device operates at long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz) and is to be used together with the specially designed application for your smartphone.

How Does it Work?

The Device Is Pretty Stylish in DesignThe Device Is Pretty Stylish in Design

First of all, goTenna should be paired to your device wirelessly via the Bluetooth. The connection remains within 20 feet range, so keep it close to you. With the special application you can exchange messages and share location with another device owner. Messages are sent to your goTenna first, then are spread out to the intended goTenna(s). The receiving process is totally identical, but reversed: the recipient's device sends the acquired message via Bluetooth connection to the application of the paired smartphone.

In the emergency situation, it is possible to send “Shout” messages that will be accepted by anyone within coverage. You can also share your current location on offline maps, which will help in searching you if you are lost. The accumulator battery lasts for up to 72 hours when fully charged, or can stand by for 150 days. Aren't these numbers quite impressive.

How far can it spread the signal?

Signal Coverage Distance in DesertSignal Coverage Distance in Desert

The answer to this question depends on the scenery around you. If you are in the open area with not many obstacles, like sea, village, desert or woods, you will be able to stay connected on longer distances, compared to the modern city environment. One more thing plays an important role: the higher the device is placed, the more power the signal has. Thus, you can benefit from climbing up a tree in the forest, or getting to the top of a cottage. At the height of 500 ft you can send messages up to 50.5 miles, while at 6 ft you will have about 3.3 miles.

Well, the goTeena device seems to be a handy tool for tourists and long-distance travelers. It is sold in pairs and by now has a reduced pre-order price of $149.99, which is expected to be $299.99 when the project target sum is reached. If the device proves to be as useful and helpful as said, it may make rescue operations easier, quicker and more successful.

Which is your favorite way of traveling?