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Portabee Go: the First Portable 3D Printer Portabee Go: the First Portable 3D Printer

Portabee GO is the first portable 3D printer in the world. Created by a startup company, this amazing device can be folded to fit in a carry satchel, and it offers precision that can rival with most high-end 3D printers present on the market.

For those of you who want to know the exact specs: when folded, the machine takes up 20.8cm x 22.5cm x 7.9cm. The device uses polylactic acid (PLA) and prints through a 0.35 MM nozzle. It can build a volume of 2304 CM3 (12cm X, 16cm Y, 12cm Z) with a layer accuracy of 50 Microns. The volume is undoubtedly smaller than a regular printer’s one, but every other specification seems to match up rather well. The unfolding process takes about 10 seconds, and the invention has auto-calibration functions that will automatically detect a level plain before each 3D print.

The prices for the Portabee GO are quite reasonable, especially if you consider its uniqueness. This device can be acquired for $595 (440 EUR). Although the producers have already been taking pre-orders for several months since October 2013, they just recently started to accept open orders from customers.

The only question that remains about this amazing printer is how long it will be available in its current form. The manufacturer is still new to the market and some bigger fish out there might want to snatch it up.

Portabee GO is a small wonder of the technology as it is the first 3D printer in the world that can be folded to become easily portable. For more information about the device you can visit its home page.


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