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Meet Minibeam Nano, The Smallest Portable Projector This Far

Those of you who often deal with pitch decks and all sorts of visual content presentations in general will be especially happy to learn the news. Today LG unveiled its smallest portable projector called Minibeam Nano. The device is sized at 108 x 103 x 44mm and weights 270g. Nano can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone or tablet as well as to stream contents directly from a USB drive or via HDMI. The output image size can reach up to 100 inches with native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

According to the press release, the lifespan of Nano's LED lamp is equal to 10 years (30,000 hours of work). The built-in 3,800mAh battery allows for two hours of work on a single charge. Minibeam Nano also has an integrated sound system (1W mono) and a mini-jack port to connect headphones or speakers.

The price of the new projector has not been announced yet, but LG says that it may vary depending on your region. Minibeam Nano is most likely to hit the markets towards the end of June. If you wish to learn more about the specs of the device, you are welcome to check out the official announcement here. To see the pricing for other products of the Minibeam lineup, visit the official website using this link, but mind that pricing and availability may differ from region to region.