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Netropolitan - a Social Network for the Rich Netropolitan - a Social Network for the Rich

If you have an extra $9,000 laying around, and you have no idea how to spend it, Netropolitan will gladly take your money. I mean, why decide to feed a thousand starving kids from Africa  when you can join an elitist community where only the "financially gifted" are welcome.

If you don't want to spend your online time with the common rabble, Netropolitan offers the solution. This social network is designed to be an "online country club" where rich folks can gather and easily stay in touch with each other.

Like any self-respecting elitist club, Netropolitan has some strict membership requirements. The first thing you need is money: it costs $6,000 to join and another $3,000 for the annual subscription. This means that you don't only have to be rich to join but also stay wealthy. Another rule states that you have to be at least 21 to be a part of the community, so rich kids will just have to wait a little longer, or come up with an aristocratic social network of their own. Furthermore, all the posts must be written in English, and you need to give your real name and the city of residence.

In order to keep its activity secretive, the users may not divulge the identity of other members of Netropolitan outside the social network's "walls" and aren't allowed to post screenshots of the network on other websites. Their isn't an exact tally on the number of Netropolitan members because the network doesn't want to share that information, but from what we heard, it had several hundred members on the launch date.

What's very funny to me is that a Netropolitan representative told CNET that the amount of traffic generated after the launch caused the servers to crash. Furthermore, the upgraded servers are still having trouble coping with the new arrivals. Come on! $6,000 joining fee, and you can't afford better servers? I think Facebook has a "slightly" larger number of members who didn't have to buy their way into the community, and the servers are still holding.

Besides the obvious elitist environment, there are a few other advantages of joining Netropolitan. The social network's website doesn't feature any ads, and you get unlimited cloud storage. For more information you can visit the Netropolitan site.

Netropolitan WebsiteNetropolitan Website