Pocket: Save Any Item to Read Later Pocket: Save Any Item to Read Later

Time is zipping along and all we can do is move in step with it. All the tech novelties nowadays seem to be aimed at saving as much of our precious time as possible; and even the simplest things, like reading on the Web, have changed to accommodate that. One of such changes was brought by Pocket, and that's what I'm going to cover.

What is Pocket and what is it for?

It would seem like there's a large number of people that would love to become social media broadcasters. This is likely due to the digital publishing revolution, which has allowed practically anyone to publish something online for free and enjoy some kind of audience. So now the Internet is full of okay-to-high-quality written pieces that we just feel like we have to read. However, we also find ourselves straitened for time more and more, so a service like Pocket is exactly the thing to solve this issue.

Pocket: Main WindowPocket: Main Window

Pocket is a free read-it-later service and is actually a reborn version of the well-known pioneer in Web article bookmarking – Read It Later. Its main mission, as you may have already guessed, is to save any kind of web content – written articles, forum threads, links to videos, etc. – allowing you to browse it later. Therefore, Pocket caters to those users willing to embrace all the cool stuff that crops up on the Internet every day but just don't have enough time to keep up with everything at once.

How does it work?

Alright, suppose you have come across a nice detailed article that you simply must read someday. Probably tomorrow after dinner, when the kids are in bed. You just fire up Pocket and put that article, along with the associated video and a couple of other web pages, into it, so that you can view it whenever you can.

Pocket for Mac OSPocket for Mac OS

The added benefit of Pocket is that it will automatically sync your read-it-later pieces with your smartphone, tablet, and any other computer, so you can access them anywhere without an active Internet connection. Besides Pocket allows unrestrained content sharing, so you can send your favorite articles to other people using Pocket, so you don't have to flood any other social networks.

Pocket for AndroidPocket for Android

In conclusion, I personally find Pocket a very handy service for saving things I don't have time for. It is very easy to use and it organizes your items in a very neat way. I really recommend giving it a shot, especially if you bookmark dozens of articles on a daily basis and forget about them an hour later. And if you find some other use for it, or maybe if you don't find it useful at all, don't forget to share your impressions in the comments below.

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