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Robotic Hotel Employees Will Carry Your Luggage

Hey, remember Otonaroid newscaster android we talked about a while ago? It seems that more androids decided to follow the example of the first robotic employee and found themselves a job at Henn-na Hotel based in Nagasaki. Today the first android-staffed hotel in Japan opened its doors to show how the androids are going to work.

The first things (or persons?) you see when you enter the hotel are two androids sitting at the receptionist desk. The first one is the most human-like Actroid receptionist capable of explaining to you how to check-in and answering a couple of simple questions about the weather and the hotel. Although, if your Japanese is not really good, you'll have to talk to the English-speaking robot. It's a dinosaur wearing a hat and a bow tie. Why a dinosaur? Well, it's Japan, folks. As Engadget reports, the raptor's grammar is still far from perfect, but the hotel owners are planning to connect both androids to the cloud, so that they could improve their skills. There are also robots that will show you to your room, carry your luggage, serve you drinks and food, clean the room and provide you with relevant information about the hi-tech hotel.

There are ten human employees in the hotel as well, so if a talkative dinosaur is too creepy for you, you can always ask them to help. If you are planning to visit Japan any time soon, be sure to check out Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, at least to take some awesome photos.