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Set Your Room Temperature According To Your Budget Set Your Room Temperature According To Your Budget

I'm pretty sure that there are many people who have to completely rethink their monthly budgets when their bills arrive. The problem is that it's pretty difficult to figure out the exact consumption of the AC or heat pump, so finding that balance between the comfort that you need and the money that you can afford to spend can be pretty difficult. Thermoneystat is a new device that can help you deal with the problem by allowing you to set your thermostats to a value in dollars instead of degrees.

Thermoneystat is a new device that is capable of making your home as comfortable as possible within a monthly budget that you assign. According to its developers, the gadget can work with electric, gas and oil furnaces as well as with heat pumps and air conditioners. In order to establish the right balance between budget and comfort, the device takes into account a large number of factors including historical temperature data, weather forecasts, your schedule, and energy prices. Furthermore, the device also comes with a failure detection algorithm which alerts you via phone text or e-mail whenever your heating/cooling system is failing.

At the moment, the device can be per-ordered for $200 (first 50 buyers)/$250 from its Kickstarter page. Its creators estimate that they will be able to begin shipping off the product in 4-to-6 months, but I'm not completely sure that's actually doable. Their page doesn't mention any kind of previous experience with mass-producing consumer-grade electronics and most products financed through Kickstarter are usually launched later than the original date, so I am understandably skeptical. If you want more details about Thermoneystat or if you want to purchase it, click on this link.