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Snapchat now allows you to purchase additional replays Snapchat now allows you to purchase additional replays

Snapchat has just released a pretty major update which brought some unexpected yet interesting new features. The photo sharing application now allows you to purchase more replays in case you ran out of them and has introduced lenses which add 3D effects to your selfies. The update has already started rolling out for both the Android and the iOS apps and should be available to worldwide users in the near future (if it's not already).

Replays - in-app purchase

Purchase ReplaysPurchase Replays

Up until this point Snapchat was only making money from ads so I was expecting them to find new ways to capitalize their fan base. However, the fact that they added ability to make in-app purchases and acquire more replays is quite surprising to me. Why? Because the photo sharing app's main selling point was the ephemerality of the posted content. It seems quite ironic that they are now earning money from making things less ephemeral. Anyway, in case you run out of replays, you can acquire three more for $0.99, ten addition replays for $2.99 or twenty extra ones for $4.99. In case you needed more incentive to buy some, according to the text from the pop-up window, replaying a snap is "a big compliment".

Face Effect Lenses

Face Effect LensesFace Effect Lenses

Snapchat also added a bunch of 3D effects that can be applied to your selfies. In order to keep things fresh, the media-sharing services stated that each week they will take out one of the lenses and add a different one, so that you constantly have new toys to play with. Here are the currently available 3D face effects:

  • Puke Rainbows - open your mouth while this lens is active and, you guessed it, you'll barf a rainbow (while your eyes get slightly enlarged). Hopefully, they don't add a Nyan Cat lens too.
  • Heart Avalanche - if you open your mouth while this lens is activated, a whole bunch of hearts will fall on you. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be quite as cheesy as it sounds.
  • Heart Eyes - in case you ever needed a more expressive way to tell someone you've fell in love with a snap, simply enable this lens, lift your eyebrows and your eyes will be replaced by two big, pink hearts.
  • Old - this lens is pretty much self-explanatory as it ads wrinkles to your face, making you appear really old. If you lift your eyebrow the effect will also add a monocle.
  • Terminator - turns the screen into something that appears to be seen through a cyborg's eyes. A 'Danger' alert is triggered if you lift your eyebrows, so maybe don't do that?
  • Scary - when activated, this lens will make your face appear as if you were possessed by some kind of demon while also turning the image into a black-and-white one. Just be careful who you send this to, if you don't want to get accidentally exorcised.
  • Rage Face - (which is pretty much how I look like whenever I'm reading news about politicians) will zoom in the screen, expand your mouth and make your eyes really big and googly. In order for this to work you need to activate the lens and open your mouth.
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