Sometimes Rice is Good for Your Device Sometimes Rice is Good for Your Device

At least once a day I read a post on some news site or a blog that makes me go – “Whaaaaat?” But there are other times when I think some of the posts that seem crazy might actually be helpful to someone. The post I am talking about deals with the water damages that are not attributed to cases of accidently dropping your device into the bowl while in the bathroom or drowning it in a fishtank. There is a chance you can fix your malfunctioning phone if it had minor contact with the water, such as rain or sweat, but the chances are – the warranty is gone on those devices.

Rice loves water. It was grown in a big puddle of water, but then picked and dried and delivered to a store near you, so you can cook it later. But it misses the water very much! It wants to absorb any moisture it can get. Well, you can use this to your advantage. The rice can literally "suck" the water out of your device and it won’t hurt you to try.

Did you accidently caught under a heavy rain and your phone got damaged? Well, as soon as you come home, pour dry, uncooked rice into some deep bowl, then remove the battery (if possible) and bury both, the battery and the device, in that bowl of dry rice for about 24 hours. Use this time to unwind and see which of your friends will freak out that you are not accessible through your phone! If the damage was not bad, the device and the battery should be dry and operational again.

I mean knowing this does not mean you can expose your device to the rain or sweat. You are still responsible for protecting your device from excess humidity and, of course, water. This was just a tip for you in cases when your device won’t start or the battery is acting funny immediately after the contact with water in whatever form.

Also there is something to keep in mind. There is a slight possibility that your device was short-circuited and while it turns on and works, there is a chance that in right conditions it might shock you or malfunction in worse ways than that.

I hope you will not find yourself in a situation when this tip is actually useful, but in case you did – I hope everything is alright with your expensive device and you.

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Actually I think it sounds weird. I hope I'll never wet my phone and will never experiment with rice.

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