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Tattoo The Augmented Reality Tattoo The Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is becoming a vital part of our daily life. For those who missed this notion, augmented reality (AR) is a technology that supplements the real-world environment with the digital elements (3D models, graphics, sound and video data) which overlay the camera view of your device.

Last year Sutu, a webcomic creator, ran an experiment to refresh his comic strips “Modern Polaxis” with digital elements. The story tells us about a time traveler who suffers from acute paranoia. Polaxis makes notes about his weird adventures in his diary. However, he is not an easy mark so Polaxis concealed all the privy info in augmented reality. To unearth the secrets, you should make use of the free iOS-based app "Polaxis". The image recognition technology implemented into particular pages of the comic book turns the printed story into real-life animation with music.

Lately, Suru has uploaded a photo to Instagram that displays Polaris tattooed on his arm. The most great part of the tale is that the picture transferred from the page can move the way it does in the app.

Source: CNET