The Most Wacky Yet Handy IT Gizmos The Most Wacky Yet Handy IT Gizmos

The IT world is filled with all kinds of small problems. Some of them you don't even know are there, and some you figured were unavoidable, but, as you will soon see, everything has a solution, no matter how nutty it actually is. Here are some of the wackiest yes amazingly useful gadgets that will make your life a little easier.

Cable Clip Organizer

Cable Clip OrganizerCable Clip Organizer

Working with computers implies having to deal with a lot of cables, and most of the time they are hard to manage. Cables can get intertwined and make it impossible to move the device they are attached to. Cable clip organizers are a simple solution, they will separate your chords and keep them neatly organized. This gadget comes in a plethora of shapes and fastening systems.

iPhone Book Chargers

Book ChargerBook Charger

While not the most practical device on this list, you must admit that these book chargers look pretty classy. This gadget will allow you to charge your iPhone in the vertical position and will easily blend in with you desk environment. Also, the contrast between the vintage look of the books and the novelty of your iPhone is pretty exquisite.

CP-1 USB Spy Mouse

Spy MouseSpy Mouse

Let's just say that there are situations when this mundane-looking gadget can be pretty handy. What is it? The CP-1 USB Spy Mouse looks like a regular mouse, works like a regular mouse, but it also has an encased mini microphone. This device will help you find out what your flat-mates or co-workers are saying about you when you leave the room. Unfortunately, your curiosity might cost you a bit as the spy mouse is quite expensive.

USB Mini Vacuum

USB Mini VacuumUSB Mini Vacuum

If you eat or smoke near your computer, you surely don't need me to explain you why one of these little things is handy. This small device is the perfect solution for cleaning the small areas on your desk, and it can also help you get out things that were stuck between the buttons on your keyboard. As you've probably figured out from its name, the miniature vacuum is powered with the help of a USB port.

Air Can

Air CanAir Can

Since we're talking about cleaning gadgets, I couldn't overlook the air can. Why do you need to buy a can of air when there's lots of it "lying around" and absolutely free? Well, because the container keeps the air pressurized, making it one of the most effective dust removing tools you've ever used. I advise you to read the label on the can before using it to clean your devices, because if the pressure is too high, the air might actually damage some circuits.

Solar USB charger

Solar USB ChargerSolar USB Charger

Surely one of the more handy gadgets you will find on this list, the solar USB charger will help you charge various devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, iPads etc, with the help of solar energy. If you're an outdoorsy person or have access to lots of sunlight, this device is effective and very eco-friendly.

Silent Mouse

Silent MouseSilent Mouse

Have you ever tried to sleep while someone was playing Counter-Strike or WoW in the same room? The noise generated by the high volume of clicks per second can be incredibly annoying. A silent mouse is the perfect way to solve this issue. This device will work just like a regular mouseб but it won't make a peep no matter how fast you have to press the buttons.

Wireless Key Finder

Wireless Key FinderWireless Key Finder

In case you constantly misplace your car / apartment / office keys, this little gizmo is your saving grace. The way it works is pretty simple: you attach a small transmitter to your keys, wallet, phone, etc and, whenever you lose them, the finder will help you easily locate them. The one thing you need to be careful about is accidentally misplacing the key finder itself.

Keyboard Flip-Flops

Keyboard Flip-FlopsKeyboard Flip-Flops

To end things on a high note, I'm also going to show you one of the things I personally enjoy the most. Although it's technically not "a gadget", who hasn't wondered what it would be like to type with feet? These awesome-looking Kito Keyboard flip-flops are the perfect way to find out.

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