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Tune In Local Events With Facebook Tune In Local Events With Facebook

Facebook now turns into your personal guide of the upcoming events you may enjoy. The design of the Events section has undergone some reconstruction and now offers “Events For You” tab, where recommendations appear, even if you were not invited by anyone, your friends are not going there and you have never visited any of the listed gatherings. It is more than just a calendar with your and your friends' plans. The suggestions are based on everything Facebook knows about you: the more information is provided, the more offers you get and the better the choice is.

Now the service is being tested globally (see how it looks here). The new Events design will be migrated to Android and iOS a bit later as well.

The main feed gets a clearer look. Tabs above allow for quick jumping between all events you have, the invites you've received, gatherings you've saved and those you are hosting. You can easily manage invites, as they have a separate space, not messing up with the accepted or declined ones. The past events and the creation of new meetings are conveniently placed on the right side of the page, being easy to access.

Still, the main changes are in the way Facebook filters events. The “Events For You” section on the right side of the interface can be viewed as a list and has more sensible filters than before. The recommendations are figured out upon the information uploaded to Facebook profile (your groups, friends' events, favorite pages and the like), taking into account the day of the week, your location, etc. Thus, you do not only get the enumeration of the events that might interest you, but can also be sure that they are taking place near you. Very convenient, isn't it?


Facebook spends too much of my time.

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