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Twitter Shows How Many Users Care About Your Tweets Twitter Shows How Many Users Care About Your Tweets

Ryan Saver, an ex-platform head at Twitter, recently discovered that the social network is now experimenting with engagement statistics. In simple words, a limited amount of users can use the extended view of their tweets to see how much impact they've had on their followers.

This new feature offers data about the overall impression that your tweet made on the other users, how many people clicked (tapped) on the embedded links, the amount of users that chose to expand the text, etc. In order to access the statistical data you need to go to the bottom of the tweet view page and press View Analytic Details button. (Of course this will only work if you have the feature enabled).

What I really like is that this new feature seems like a win - win for both the parties involved. Those who don't care about this type of statistics can easily ignore them as the button is completely non intrusive, while those interested like brands, bloggers or anyone looking to have an impact on the social network can now benefit from a great statistical tool without having to resort to an external dashboard. Even though Twitter already had an analytic function available for all of its users, this new feature makes the data much easier to access for those who use the application with the help of a mobile device.

Unfortunately, what we don't know is how Twitter intends to proceed. If proven successful, will they choose to extend this feature to all its worldwide users or is it just a test that will be shut down at the end?