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Uber Delivers Kittens in Australia

The ride-sharing Uber company has negotiated with several Australian animal shelters to give the app owners an ability to nestle a fluffy kitten for 15 minutes. The goal of this share attempt is to encourage people to take care of homeless animals and reveal a possibility to grant a part of their disposable income to such kind of organizations.

Sweet, tiny furry kittens, grown up tomcats, and lady-cats - they all await a sweet dream in owner's apartment after a substantial fish-dinner. If you don't want to part with the kitten delivered right to your office table or share the emotions with someone else, you can contact the shelter representative and ask him for help.

Meanwhile, there are negative opinions and attitude to this story (including animals rights activists, of course). “It’s a very noble cause but I would like to know what the strategy is around this; I mean what do kittens have to do with a taxi service other than generating a positive story?” James Wright, Group MD Havas Worldwide Australia said.

If you are interested in Uber Kittens service but have no idea about where to start from, here is a short information for you. Download or open the Uber app, find an available kitten between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. and that's it! The only grievous thing is the service was available yesterday only, February 5th, 2015. The only joyful thing is it's probably not the end. The fluffy service makes you fork out AU$40 (decide for yourself if that's surplus).

Uber KittensUber Kittens

Bare in mind that money goes straight to the local shelter. If you consider this service fee to be too expensive anyway, just click to choose a 'split fare' option to split it with your colleague, for example.

The only grievous thing is the service was available yesterday only, February, 5, 2015. But the most joyful thing is it's probably not the end.