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Wedg - Your Personal Self-Hosted Cloud Storage Device Wedg - Your Personal Self-Hosted Cloud Storage Device

In the recent months, the customer's confidence in the privacy and security offered by cloud storage services took a serious hit. Since it seems that hackers and the Big Brother always find ways to snoop into people's private business, a lot of developers are focusing on finding new solutions to keep your sensitive data out of sight.

Wedg is going to be an ultra secure self-hosted personal cloud storage device. This gadget will provide you with your own cloud storage space, but unlike regular services, your data will be kept inside your home, and thus much harder to get to access by the prying eyes. Furthermore, the device can also help you with your emails, sync your files, offer media streaming capabilities and enable you to host apps or servers.

As expected, Wedg's highlights are its security functions. The prototype employs 512-bits AES and XDS-AES algorithms to securely encrypt your data and sandboxes your private files to keep them away from others. Furthermore, its mobile app features a two-factor identification procedure, and offers a built-in key management function.

Wedg is still in its prototype phase, but if everything goes according to plan, it will likely to be officially launched on the market in March of 2015. At the moment, the device is using an Indiegogo campaign to gather the money they need for development. With 57 days left, the device has already raised £63,258 out of the £71,000 necessary.

If you want to find out more about the product or wish to contribute, you can find the Wedg Indiegogo campaign here.