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Yahoo Mail now offers support for Gmail Yahoo Mail now offers support for Gmail

If you can't beat them... support them? A couple of months ago Yahoo has announced that it's mail service is capable of working with others such as Outlook, Hotmail or AOL Mail. Now, the company has also added support for Gmail, which means that you will be able to log into your Gmail account, check your inbox, see your archived and saved emails, compose new messages, etc. directly from Yahoo Mail's interface. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure how popular this new feature will actually be, but it's still a step forward for the slowly dwindling Yahoo email service.

In case you were curios why would Gmail users log into their accounts through Yahoo's interface, I will tell you that there are a few advantages for doing so. For starters, Yahoo offers a feature called Account Key which allows you to authenticate yourself without using a password. Moreover, Yahoo Mail also offers support for various types of attachments including GIFs, videos, URL addresses, etc. and provides a smart search function that many users actually appreciate. And lastly, this feature allows you to access contacts across all your mail accounts, so you will have all resources in the same place.

It's nice to know that the Yahoo team also has some good ideas because their previous initiative did a lot of damage to the company's already fading image. In case you don't remember what I'm talking about, three weeks ago Yahoo Mail tested a new feature which locked ad-block users out of their email accounts.