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Yahoo to Acquire BrightRoll for $640M

It looks like Yahoo is betting big on video. Yahoo is reportedly acquiring a video ad company BrightRoll for $640 million in cash. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer believes that this acquisition will not simply bring Yahoo's video ad platform to a new level, but make it "the largest in the US". This is a big statement if you think about how much money Google must make off of video advertisement on Youtube. It seems that Tod Caserdoti, the founder and acting CEO of BrightRoll, and his team are not going anywhere, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wrote: “I’ve spent time with Tod Sacerdoti and his leadership team and I cannot wait to have him, his vision, and his team here at Yahoo.”

Marissa Mayer also said that BrightRoll is expected to bring $100 million in net revenue this year.