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3D Printed Cremation Urns Reproduce The Head Of Your Loved One

Recently, a cremation supply company came up with a revolutionary idea: to replace the traditional cremation urns with 3D printed human heads, and not just any head, but an exact replica of your loved one. Creepy or compassionate? I guess that's for you to decide.

If you've ever lost a loved one, then probably you've also promised yourself to keep his or her memory alive. A cremation supply company called Cremation Solutions just came up with a completely new interpretation of the idea of holding on to the image of a loved one by making 3D printed cremation urns that perfectly copy the features of your loved one's head. All you need are pictures of the person you lost (front and profile would be preferable) and the company will create a 3D model of the head, which the customers need to approve before it gets into printing.

The product is available in two dimensions Keeper Size ($600) and Full Size ($2,600) which refer to the amount of ashes that you can store in it. In both cases, the urn's base is made out of Verde Marble which is very heavy and will reduce the risk of accidentally tipping it over. There are lots of variants going from creepy to weird and unusual: the company sells urns in the shape of various figurines such as Superman, Indiana Jones, Robotman, etc. and models like Bad Girl or Nice NurseI'm actually really curious about who buys this sort of stuff, but I'm afraid to ask.

I don't know about you guys, but every day I keep wondering whether the world is going crazy, or I am.

Source: 3DPrint