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Can Food Be 3D-Printed? Bocusini Says It's Doable Can Food Be 3D-Printed? Bocusini Says It's Doable

3D printers are a wondrous invention, capable of many things we didn't even think possible. Let's be honest, just 5 years ago would you have imagined that one day we will be able to print buildings in which people can live? How about prosthetic limbs that offer a lot more advantages than regular ones, and even provide some motor skills? Even though it seems a bit more trivial, soon you'll also be able to print sweet pastry treats as a new project called Bocusini promises to help pro and amateur chefs come up with delicious treats made out of marzipan, chocolate or fudge.

The device is being developed by a team of scientists from Germany and it seems that they have already created a working prototype. Bocusini is actually more of a 3D plotter which lets you create food out from and draw or write things on the frosting of your cakes. This invention uses cartridges filled with marzipan, chocolate or fudge and allows you "build" a few dozen little objects before these get empty. In order to perfectly shape your creations, Bocusini uses heated extrusion heads.


Since at the moment Bocusini is only a prototype, its creators are trying to gather the funds required to mass-produce the printer with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. From what I've read, the first devices should ship out starting with January 2016 and will be available for $900 for early adopters. Furthermore, the team behind this gadget said that it will also provide "hacker" kits which allow customers to retrofit other 3D printers into ones capable of replacing pastry chefs. To find out more details about Bocusini or to back the project up with some of your money, you can visit their KickStarter page by clicking on this link.