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Curios about your Google Searches? Download the History Curios about your Google Searches? Download the History

Pretty much everyone knows that Google has been tracking our searches and using them to improve ad targeting or for who knows what other activities. Recently, the company has decided to be kind enough to share this information with us, and allow anyone to download his / her own search history. Being totally honest, I would have preferred to see a complete overview of all the data they track and store about me, but at the moment I'll have to content myself with just being able to copy my previous searches.

Although there were no official announcements made by the IT giant, unofficial blogs discovered over the weekend that Google now allows its users to download their search history. Even though up until now people could access the log containing their previous searches, there was no official way for us to download the information and we had to use some workarounds. Now, things are as simple as going to the Google search history webpage, clicking on the settings button (the one with a cog icon) and choosing the download option. Before continuing with the action you requested, the website will display a pop-up urging you to carefully read the statement on the data (like that's ever going to happen).

The new function works like this: the data is saved from your Google Account into Google Drive and from there you can download it on a PC in the ZIP format. Google, as well as I, strongly suggests that you do not download the file on any other computer that isn't your private property (and as secure as possible). Your searches could reveal quite a lot about you, and you do not want that information falling into the wrong hands. The searches are classified by year and quarter, so you will be able to easily find any specific search term if you remember when it was issued.

Source: Google Operating System