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Gearing Up For a Vacation? These Are Apps For You Gearing Up For a Vacation? These Are Apps For You

Itching to get out of a dusty town before your favorite travel season ends? Then the only thing that should concern you is how to plan and maximize your trip without the hassle of holiday hysteria. From booking a hotel to mapping out a restaurant - anything can perplex you, unless you benefit from the smartphone-tablet era we live in. Here is our selection of top Android and iOS applications that will surely make your travel easier and thought-out.

Are You a Picky Flier?

Traveling during the holiday season is stressful enough largely thanks to overcrowded airports and flight delays. Thus, heading out on a journey, make sure you load up your device with flight tracker applications like GateGuru or TripIt. These easily downloadable solutions will customize your door-to-door adventure by tracking flight departures and arrivals, alerting you to delays, and allowing you to pinpoint your exact location at 40,000 feet or let people know when you touch down.

Need a Hotel?

Hotel ApplicationsHotel Applications

Gearing up for a warm weather getaway or packing for your next business trip, anyway, if you are going away for longer than a day, booking a hotel is just a matter of course. Luckily, both App Store and Google Play have lots to offer when it comes to hassle-free and lucrative reservations. Hotel Reservations by Booking.com, Hotel Tonight, or Airbnb, for instance, specialize in hotel discounts and rental properties, providing at your fingertips all the available offers and important details. So, using them you can not only find a perfect accommodation wherever you are, but also watch valuable information on secret or late deals and, therefore, get even more out of your paid stays.

Choose the Right Travel Guide

We all ever dealt with those heavy paper things called travel guidebooks with the information inside got outdated very quickly. Now with city guide applications that offer instant and constantly updated information on what to see and visit in foreign lands, the world becomes your oyster in the truest sense of the word. Try out, for one, mTrip Travel Guides. Besides being highly intelligent and interactive, the application functions offline on your smartphone, so you won't have to bother about roaming costs. Built-in maps and navigation, personalized trip itineraries, trip journal and sharing along with users ratings and reviews – everything you need to get around a city and organize a perfect tour.

Don't Get Hungry

Regardless of the place you visit and how much money you have, with these restaurant-research applications you will “eat like a local”. Yelp, OpenTable, Urbanspoon - they all put detailed information on restaurants around the world and facilitate table reservation process. Where to get eats? What is open? What kind of food is served? Featuring a complete list of restaurants by cuisine and price range, any of these tiny solutions will quickly help you find all this out when you're on the go.

Do You Speak English?

Finding yourself in a situation where you are unable to adequately communicate could be extremely frustrating. So, any solution that allows you to have a coherent conversation with someone who speaks a foreign language would make each step of your travels a whole lot less stressful. With Google Translate or SpeechTrans you will cope with language barriers and feel sure to interact easily no matter where you are.