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Get Yourself an Easter Gift: 6 Games for $7 Get Yourself an Easter Gift: 6 Games for $7

Since it's Easter, maybe you shouldn't wait around for the rabbit who hides colored eggs to bring you a present and get one for yourself. The latest Humble Bundle offer brings you 6 tabletop games for the low price of $7. Part of the earnings will go to charity so if you are feeling extra philanthropic, you can choose to pay more. Furthermore, you also have the option of purchasing three games for $1, but the offer which includes the full bundle seems a lot better from my perspective.

The titles included in the sale are: Catan: Creator's Edition, Magnifico, Small World 2, Talisman Digital Edition, Ticket to Ride: Complete Pack and 100% Orange Juice (all available for Windows and a few of them also work on Linux or Mac). I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of tabletop games, but even I know that Catan and Ticket to Ride alone are worth a lot more than $7. Since some of the money gathered from this sale will be donated for charity, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do a good deed while also getting a little something for yourself.

Ticket to Ride is the only game from the list I've actually played and together with the four DLCs contained in this offer would normally cost you somewhere around $25. Even though I've never actually been involved in a game of Catan, most of my friends were totally taken by the game, spending hours on end playing the live version as well as the PC one (with online opponents). Furthermore, all the reviews that I've seen on Steam for this edition of the game (Settler's Edition) and the two DLCs which it includes where at least positive.

You can find the offer by clicking on this link.