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Giftbit now lets retailers create their own currency

Giftbit is a digital gift card marketplace where retailers can create, send, and track their vouchers. The company that developed this service has launched today a new product that allows its merchants to easily and quickly create their own custom currencies. They will no longer need to implement their own internal systems as the Web service now lets them generate personalized gift cards, refund credits, and promo codes.

Retailers can also use this Web service to distribute promo codes with their own logos and share gift cards via email. In addition, non-technical users, such as the business development team members from a company, will have the ability to create promo codes with minimum effort.

Until its launch, the product has been tested by only a few merchants. Now, Giftbit lets any online user create, send, and track gift cards after paying a reasonable price. The company will offer you 1,000 active codes for $90 per month. You can pay $15 per month for each extra set of 1,000 codes.

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