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Homido is a new way to turn smartphones into VR devices Homido is a new way to turn smartphones into VR devices

As I say time and time again, virtual reality technology is going to be a big thing this year. However, not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars for a high-end device, so some companies came up with cheaper solutions that would allow everyone to try out the VR experience. Unfortunately, Samsung VR requires compatible Samsung smartphones (and not everybody owns one), while Google's Cardboard is, well, made of cardboard. Homido has recently launched a new headset which hopes to solve all these issues.

Homido VR is a headset designed to work with a wide array of smartphones including both Android and iOS devices. The product is already available for ordering and costs €69.99 (about $76), but you can also buy it together with a Bluetooth controller and pay 84.90 € (approximately $92) for the entire bundle. To be honest, Homido costs about three times as much as Google's Cardboard headset, but it works with more smartphones and actually stays on your head by itself, which means that it's more immersive.

Homido VRHomido VR

In case you're wondering about how to use it, it's quite easy: all you have to do is to launch the VR app that you want to use, then place the phone in the headset's slot and you're set to go. Homido's hardware provides a 100-degree FOV and lets you adjust how far or close the images will appear. Furthermore, the device also provides an enhanced level of comfort through a wide array of viewing-related settings. Visit the Homido website if you want more details about the headset, or if you want to purchase it.

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