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Instagram adds notifications to its web version Instagram adds notifications to its web version

After recently testing out an easier way for those with multiple accounts to login and adding a views counter for the video content, Instagram is now trying to strengthen the browser-based part of its services. The company has recently added notifications support for its web version. This means that it's now a lot easier to stay in touch with the most recent events from the media-sharing service, without having to pick up your smartphone or tablet.

When it first appeared on the market, Instagram was a mobile-only service that didn't seem interested in PC users, but over the years things appear to have changed. This new functionality will allow those who use their web browser to access the service to see when someone liked or commented on any of the images or videos that they uploaded. Furthermore, the users will also be notified when someone new decides to follow them or when they've been tagged. The notifications for the web version are already available for every user of the service, so you should see them the next time that you log in on Instagram from your browser.

Unfortunately, Instagram declined to comment when asked if this is a single upgrade or if it's a part of a bigger push to make the web version of the service more accessible to the users. In my opinion, making as many features as possible available on all the platforms would be a big step forward for the service, but it's up to the company to judge if becoming more of a cross-platform tool is actually worth the effort or not.