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Leak Personal Stuff to Whomever Anonymously Leak Personal Stuff to Whomever Anonymously

So-o, social networks and private messengers are steadily popular, but here's a thing none of the well-known services allow you to do: send stuff to whomever anonymously. Why would you want that? Plenty of reasons off the top of my head: you want to ask a friend to stop wearing that cologne everyone is sick of without hurting his feelings; you want to compliment someone but it's not socially acceptable considering your work relationship; you want to inform a friend that he might want to check on what his wife is up to, but you are too close to her, and she would consider it a betrayal. There's a vast sea of possible scenarios, and it is amusing to read the weirdest/coolest ones at the bottom of the Leak website.

Already Sent LeaksAlready Sent Leaks

The process is really simple A-AND you don't have to register. Isn't that great? Just add the email address of your recipient to the corresponding field, attach a message, click a button, and that's it. Oh, almost forgot - you might want to read the DOs and DON'Ts (and TERMS), but the rules are pretty obvious. The website has an eye-catching background animation from the House of Cards series just to set the atmosphere, and let me tell you - it works.

I sincerely hope that it will also come out as an app for iOS and Android, and we will keep you updated. 


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