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Meet WhatsBot - a virtual assistant for WhatsApp Meet WhatsBot - a virtual assistant for WhatsApp

Has it ever happened that you were in a WhatsApp conversation with a bunch of your friends and had a hard time deciding when to meet up? If so, then you'll be happy to know that there is now a WhatsApp virtual assistant that can automatically find the most suitable places for your gang to get together, by calculating the most convenient locations that are positioned between the members of the group chat. WhatsBot uses data from ForthSquare as its database for locations and the maps from Esri.

One of the biggest advantages that WhatsBot brings is how easy you can access it. All a person has to do is to add the bot to his or her contacts list and bring it into any group chat where finding a location is problematic. So, if you want to try it out for yourself, simply add the + 44 748 134 2229 number to your contacts and you're good to go. The only catch is that all those who want to meet up must share the location (geographical coordinates) with WhatsBot so that it can establish the search range for a public place.

Furthermore, there's also another interesting (fun) thing that WhatsBot can do: it can (attempts to) keep the WhatsApp chats that you have clean. Whenever someone curses inside your chat, he or she will instantly get admonished by the virtual assistant. So, if anyone uses a bad word, the bot will reply with texts like: "Sorry, but I need to report that to your parents." or draw a teddy bear in ASCII art.

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