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Restaurant Guide: find the best place to eat at Restaurant Guide: find the best place to eat at

Hurray, that is a vacation season! It's high time to discover new cities. Whenever you are in a new location, it's always difficult to find a good place to eat at fast and stress-free. Luckily, now you get an exciting opportunity to escape all the search difficulties and enjoy a personal mobile assistant that will quickly pick the best restaurants according to different criteria and help you easily arrive at a chosen destination. The name of this application is Restaurant Guide. Also, visit the cool Restaurant Informer website to find best restaurants in France! Soon, you will be able to discover greatest spots to eat at all over the world!

New app for Android and iOS

As soon as you launch the Restaurant Guide application on your Android or iOS device, it detects you location and displays on the home page several superb selections of restaurants found the city you are currently in. You may choose any set of restaurants depending on what the focus is made on:

  • distance → the app shows the restaurants close to your location, starting from the nearest ones, so you are able to find an appropriate spot to eat at without spending much time to reach that place. The category is called Best nearby.
  • rating → the app arranges the order of restaurants in such a way that you see the most popular places first. The popularity is determined by the restaurant overall rating received by such agencies as Frommer's, Zagat, Zomato, Tripadvisor, and so on. The category is called Top in (Top in New York, Top in Paris, etc.)
  • cuisine and restaurant type → the app offers you to choose a restaurant depending on its cuisine or type, for example, Italian cuisine, American cuisine, Fast food, Pub & bar, Desserts.

What can I learn about a restaurant? 

Allowing you to successfully pick up the place that perfectly suits your needs, Restaurant Guide continues to surprise you further. On each restaurant page you find сolorful photos, menus, contact details, opening hours and addresses, as well as expert and visitor reviews and ratings from the most popular agencies: Michelin, Frommer's, Zagat, Zomato, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google, Foursquare and Facebook. All in one place! I personally appreciate the reviews most. To some extent, they help you form an unbiased opinion about a restaurant before visiting it.


Restaurants found in New YorkRestaurants found in New York

And that's not all about the app. In Restaurant Guide interface you can also apply some reasonable filters that make your search personalized to the full. The filters include Cuisines (from very popular like Suchi or Chinese to the most exotic ones like the Lao cuisine), Type (cafeteria, club, BBQ, etc.), Average price (cheap, moderate, expensive, very expensive restaurants), Sorting by (the distance between you and a restaurant, the rating by one of the agencies, and other parameters). An interesting feature of Restaurant Guide is that it may show you all the places that work now, i.e. at the moment of searching. Voilà! You find the restaurant and all you need to do is just visit it. Restaurant Guide is a truly handy app that you may use on the go. Speaking about filters, you may set just one criterion or a number of them at once. The results will be updated automatically. So, based on what your city has to offer you, you may customize the search options and find a really perfect place to eat at: ranging from restaurants serving haute cuisine to informal and budget-friendly places.

Built-in restaurant map

When you have finally made your choice where to eat today, the fair question arises: how will you get there, especially if the restaurant is far away? Well, the Restaurant Guide app has also taken care of it. You may take a route to the restaurant by using the installed app for navigation on your device (for example, MAPS.ME, HERE Maps, BackCountry Navigator) or by using the built-in Google maps and orient yourself independently. By the way, the maps are very ease to use and you won't get lost.


To sum things up, Restaurant Guide definitely proves to be a great app to perform a comprehensive search for the best restaurants in your city and everywhere around the world according to different criteria that you (and only you) set for yourself. Restaurant Guide works fast, provides an intuitive interface, and pleases with a wide variety of useful options. I suppose, it's high time to download the app and ensure how great it is.

Restaurant Guide is absolutely free and available for download on Android and iOS devices.