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Microsoft Reveals an Absolutely New Type of Controller Microsoft Reveals an Absolutely New Type of Controller

Miss some hi-tech news, my geeky brothers and sisters? Well, Google is not the only one who is creating 'a better future', so here is something Microsoft is up to for those who got tired of the drone stuff. FlexSense is a very promising brand new type of controller that Mister Softee recently revealed.

To cut the long story short, FlexSense looks like a sheet of paper that you can bend in any direction. The built-in sensors transfer the applied 'deformation' to an application that runs on a PC or tablet. You can use the gadget while reading a digital book or to navigate through different layers of a picture while editing, or to control the movement of a flying carpet.

Still not sure whether FlexSense can be used only with Windows devices, but, hopefully, this product will be much like Microsoft's Universal Keyboard so we might expect FlexSense to be suitable for iOS and Android as well.

From what we've heard from the developers of the gadget, it seems that FlexSense is mainly meant to be used with tablets. But the first thing that comes to mind is to pair it up with a flexible display, so that you will never break the screen of your device again. There are also a lot of people around the Web who see a greater future for the controller. For instance, a user named Adrian Grey left the following comment on YouTube:Funny how Microsoft always does some nice products but always finds some weird application for them, I think this tech will be nice for VR gloves if its really that thin and sensitive. Intelligent Clothes, Full body mocap with muscle deformation, Iphone 6 bend detection alarm"

But let's give Microsoft some time, as FlexSense is only a project at the moment, and we will surely keep track on such a promising piece of tech. Meanwhile you are welcome to share your ideas. Can you think of any other spheres of application for FlexSense?

VIA: TechCrunch


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