Modern Gadgets for Household Use Modern Gadgets for Household Use

Today’s onrush of technologies and the interminable flow of developer’s ideas seem to turn our houses into a spaceship or no less than into something futuristic quite soon. New gadgets are fully able to exempt us from household chores: they provide us with comfort, ease the cooking process or monitor the safety of our dwellings.

Food Sniffer

How often do we get food poisoning after consuming some expired or rotten products? The developers of the Food Sniffer device, Peres Company, promise that you’ll forget about the fear to spend the whole day in the bathroom after eating something fishy. This ‘electronic nose’ captures volatile compounds of ammonia and other gases released during the decomposition process. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, the data are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet for calculating some sample properties, thus, letting you draw a conclusion about its freshness.


Another device for those doubting the quality of their food is the portable spectrometer SCIO. The project has already collected a fabulous sum of almost two million dollars (instead of two hundred thousand planned) at and will be funded in less than three weeks. SCIO works on the principle of spectroscopy: LED chips illuminate the material and a special scanner detects the reflected signal that is further interpreted using special algorithms. The results are analyzed according to the database information and the chemical composition of your meal will be displayed right on your smartphone screen. When scanning, it is necessary to consider that light penetrates only a few millimeters so dishes of several components should be resolved into components.

Smart Mat

Sensing Tex designed their Smart Mat for those people who want to keep track of strangers coming to their house or those who often let their pets take a walk in the backyard. The imperceptible sensors are implemented into an ordinary-looking mat which decorates the area to monitor. Due to these sensors, the master of the house can determine who is standing at his door: a pet, a child or an adult guest. After collecting enough data for concrete people, you can even create corresponding profiles and, for example, get notifications when your grandmother is about to ring the doorbell.

Smart MatSmart Mat


One more way to turn your house into a castle is to use Kevo, a smart door lock. You will forget about fumbling with your lock or looking for your keys in the bottomless bag to get into your house. All you need is a smartphone with a special app installed and Bluetooth turned on. Just touch the Kevo's surface and the door will open. Moreover, the corresponding app will offer you the activity log and enable you to send, receive or delete eKeys. If you worry about spending the night on the porch in case your phone is discharged, you need not be afraid: the Kevo fob offers the same touch-to-open technology and is supplied with the door lock.


If you prefer working at home, the Darma cushion will help you reduce the harm of the sedentary life. It records your vitals like a heartbeat, respiratory rate, and posture while you are sitting, synchronizes with the app and gives you statistics and recommendations. For instance, if the user is spending too much time in the same position, the cushion will immediately remind that it's necessary to stretch. Apart from the basic options, you can choose some other modes offered: e.g. reducing your back pain, stress, or improving your productivity.

Personal Energy Orb

We often complain that we can't get out of our computers, dully clicking on Facebook pages or gazing at YouTube videos. If you need some push to stop wasting time this way, turn your attention to Personal Energy Orb. Plug it into your computer and it will gradually change its color, thus indicating the energy amount drained. The PEO software will annoy you by decreasing the mouse speed or resolution to the minimum value, so even the most staunch users will give up. Recharging the Orb simply requires the bicycle with the device mounted on its handlebars – the special magnetic switch reacts to every revolution of the wheel. Just have a look at the video below to see this amazing idea!

Do you rely on gadgets in your daily life?


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