MySpace's Second Chance? MySpace's Second Chance?

Are you on MySpace? Is it possible that once quite popular social network is making its come back with the help of Justin Timberlake? Recently, I have begun to notice more and more news about MySpace – a great marketing move, whether purposeful or accidental. A while back, MySpace lost most of its audience to Facebook and fell into the dark ages. But recently, it is making a come back with its rebranded social networking service dedicated to music lovers.

If you've ever wanted to access nearly 40 million free and diverse records, then check out MySpace. It has its own web player and loads of free full-length popular tracks. For instance, for the last 3 minutes I've been listening to Britney Spears' 'Till The World Ends'. Music charts are grouped by genre, and you can quickly discover tracks similar to those you like by switching to radio mode. This way I've found a couple of records that I'd listen again, and even consider purchasing.

Check out the renewed MySpace, and, perhaps, consider giving it a second chance. If you do not trust my words, then trust the fact that over the last month MySpace grew by 1 million registered users – if you follow the trends, catch your chance to be the first in your click.

How do you listen to music online?


Policy Maker

Dat's right. I like Pandora, a lot!

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Yeah, Pandora is great! Slacker is alright as well.

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I'm using Specifically. its older interface stripped of those fancy full-screen album covers and people jumping in your face: Oh, and it has so-called achievements, too; but that's hardly something that could hold me on a mediocre radio station.

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Yulian Rohmy

Music. A pile of hits. That's why I've signed up into Myspace. By the way, it's the way I listen to music online.
It's interesting that earlier it was styled as My _____. I used to like this logo)

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Daniela is my first choice. It features both a music catalogue and a, so to say, radio station, and has a very convenient interface. And, most importantly, it doesn't contribute to digital piracy Smile

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