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New Display Tech May Obsolete Glasses New Display Tech May Obsolete Glasses

Say goodbye to glasses. In the future, the screens of your computers will be able to compensate for your optical prescription and display images which you will perceive as perfectly clear ones. The Berkeley technology, as the prototype is called, is being developed by researchers from the University of California. The best news is that most of the project is based on software and a screen filter, so it won't be that hard to implement it on the already existing devices.

Created by computer science researcher Brian Barsky and a team of fellow scientists, the Berkeley prototype adjusts the light from each pixel in accordance to your eyes' flaws. The corrections will be made with the help of a filter placed on screens which will alter the rays of light that emanate from your display. Simply put, it will be like the screen is the one with an eye problem so it will wear the glasses instead of you.

Being in its development stages, the project still has a few issues that need to be worked up. For starters, it is restricted in the view angle. Exactly like glasses have focus points, the screen is only able to correctly adjust the images if viewed from certain angles. The perception differs when the user isn't centred in front of the display. Another drawback comes from the fact that the technology will only work for one person at a time. The adjustment is made for individual eye imperfections, so the only way two people can watch the screen together and correctly perceive the images would be to have the same optical prescriptions.

So far, the study has been done with the help of lenses that mimic the human eye, but the next step is to test it on real subjects.