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Opera now offers a battery saving mod for laptops Opera now offers a battery saving mod for laptops

The competition between the three major web browsers: Chrome, Mozilla and Opera is becoming fiercer by the day. According to a recent announcement made by the company, Opera might have just gotten a foot in front of its rivals with a new battery-saving feature. It seems that with that, while the power-saving mod is active, the users are able to browse the Internet about 50% longer than they would be able to do with any of the other currently popular browsers.

To be perfectly honest, I haven't had time to test out this new feature for myself, so I can't tell you with 100% surety if it works as advertised. It seems logical that the results should vary from laptop to laptop, but so far I've never seen Opera blatantly lying about one of their features, so it's very likely that using this new power-saving mode will help you browse the web for a significantly longer time (until your battery runs out.)

Opera Power-saving Opera Power-saving

According to the blog post announcement, using this new feature is actually very easy. Whenever your laptop is unplugged, Opera will display a small battery button right next to the address and search bars (in the upper-right part of your screen). Simply click that button and the mode will activate and save up as much battery as possible. In case you're curios about how this new feature works, the developers state that while you're browsing, you're idle for long periods of time, so the battery-saving function exploits those moments.

Additionally, the company also announced that Opera's VPN browsing function now works in Private mode and that its badge is constantly visible so that anyone can have easy access to it. Furthermore, the VPN connection is also more secure as the browser will automatically disable the WebRTC connections while you're using virtual private networks.

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