Pass Career Aptitude Test Online

Someday we each have to stay at the parting of the ways leading from the student's life to the adult one. Choosing a career is one of the first most important decisions in our life. If in my time our school psychologist spent pretty much time to examine each student about his/her future plans and made a lot of effort to give and then process test materials, nowadays it became as easy as shelling peas: open your browser and tap/click on one of the below links. If you are already occupied, pass the test to be convinced that your career fits your personality.

Career Fitter

Career FitterCareer Fitter

First of all, Career Fitter might take you a lot of time as it consists of 60 questions. As the website clearly states, passing the test is free of charge and it is going to show you the immediate scientific summary of your work personality. Furthermore, you will be able to read about your ideal work environment and the most suitable profession. But the last one isn't actually the truth. I've been passing the test carefully, was answering all the positions, and finally got a brief summary and a $39.95 price tag to see the supposed jobs of my dream.



MAPP is one more hour-long career test (may be you will spend the promised 15 min., I don't know) that made me fail to get the final result for free at all. But this website seems to give a full, deep and professional characteristic of your personality since, first of all, you need to choose from various categories depending on your status: unemployed, underemployed, career coach or a student. As the registration is required, in the end they provide a kind of certificate with dashes '---' instead of real information. To get the result of 71 answered questions, you need to pay at least $89.95.



LiveCareer is an online career test with a registration form. Choose Most or Least close to you variants presented as 10 questions per 10 pages. Finally, you will see the page where a lot of character sides as well as interests are described. Your workspace will be presented as a diagram to make it more visual. All additional information is offered for payment. If you like this approach, kindly get $24.95 ready to fly away from your pocket. Maybe in terms of job seeking it's not much at all?

123 Test

123 Test123 Test

Hurrah! I've finally found a totally free one! The test is based on a Holland Code personality types characterization. It is built via a picture selection method. Every time you are offered to choose among 4 images showing specific work activities same as supposed future professions. It takes from 5 to 10 minutes to complete 123 Test and find out what career matches your preferences the best. I have already got my job, but it is tant mieux (read More power to me)! The test results astonished me a lot! I saw my present profession on the first place of the result table and my favorite hobby on the second one! Also, the biggest part of the 'Your personality type' final diagram is a real reflection of me.

Well, I hoped to present some more free sources to help you make the right choice in career searching process, or at least help you learn yourself better from inside. But, unfortunately, almost all more or less decent similar website developers consider their work to be paid for. Well, maybe it's fair.